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NEW Technology to soften and purify tap water supply to your existing bidet.

Designed to fit any electric bidet toilet seats, such as and not limited to:

EKO JETWAVE, Toto, Brondell, Vovo, BioBidet and many more.

Universal North American 1/2 Plumbing thread. The ION exchange resin will trap all heavy metals harsh chemicals and will naturally soften the water. The 5 micron rated nanofiber media stops any inclusions as small as viruses and bacteria into the system. The EKO ION filter protects your bidet from build-ups and extends its life. By charging the water with positive ION it dissolves existing build ups in water boiler, nozzle and pipes of your bidet.

Protect your investment. Keep your bidet boiler and pipes scale and build up free. Recommended period of use is 3-6 months and depends on the water quality and idividual usage.

Not recommended to use with industrial water supply, well water or any water supply with excessive content of inclusions.

EKO ion filter

39,99C$ Prix original
29,99C$Prix promotionnel
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ION filter supply
1 year of Eko ION bidet filter supply (2 pcs)
5,00C$chaque mois pendant 12 mois
  • Fits:




    Alfa bidet




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