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Your health and that of your family is extremely important to anyone. Here are some reasons to purchase our smart bidet. We will be frank about it


  1. Proven fact. Washing is always better for cleaning than wiping with paper. 

  2. Environmentally friendly: Less paper - more trees

  3. Good for plumbing and pipes. Not a very fun fact: 95% of toilet clogs are from toilet paper. All the pulp from toilet paper can stress the sewer system and water treatment plant 

  4. Saving money: The average American uses 100 rolls of toilet paper per year. 

  5. Hygienic for pregnant, postpartum or elderly. Wiping can be a challenge for some. This bidet makes its easy to keep yourself clean. 

  6. We do it everyday so we added some comfort to your daily routine- smart heated seat, warm water, nightlight and gentle dryer

  7. Kids are messy, so we developed a child mode with a gentle wash and moderate temperatures. Makes keeping underwear clean easy.  

  8. Most importantly are the health benefits. The massage function helps with haemorrhoids and the jet function can relieve minor constipation. 



How does the Eko JetWave bidet work? (Refer to the instructions for more detailed information)


When it makes contact with the body, the Smart Seat sensor automatically turns off stand by mode and starts heating the water and the seat. If needed the Power Save mode can be turned off and it will keep the water and seat always at the desired heat setting. The wash functions won’t work if the seat is not occupied-this to prevent accidental spray, except if "child mode" is on. 


When any wash function is activated, the stainless steel nozzle will extend from the seat, it will spray the warm water for 2 minutes and then the nozzle will automatically self-clean and retract back. 


There are three main washing functions. Each one has a different stream type with a separate water outlet on the nozzle. 


  1. The "back" function or posterior wash is designed to clean the anus and has a move function when pressed twice. The specially designed stream that will be wide enough to thoroughly wash the area and around it

  2. The "bidet" function will have a wider stream for female users, best used during periods or just to freshen up.

  3. The "jet" function is a specially designed narrow water stream of water used to stimulate bowel movements for constipation sufferers.


The "dry" function will activate the fan with an adjustable temperature heating element. This works well for people who want to go completely paperless. 

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