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  • How much is a shipping fee?
    We ship our products for FREE within Canada. We use the most efficient and fastest delivery system available in Canada. Partnered with Amazon FBA services we have made it possible to ship our products from all the local Amazon warehouses, significantly reducing delivery distance and time. Most importantly, it reduces the greenhouse gas emissions for our deliveries by up to 90% !
  • Which shipping services do you use and how fast is it?
    We are currently using Amazon MCF (multi-channel fulfilment) services and sending most of the packages with Amazon curriers. Time varies on how busy your nearest Amazon hub is. Usually from 2 - 7 business days, however it may take few weeks. If you need help, please send us an email containing your order number at and we reply within 24 hour
  • How do I turn on the Glow-night light on Eko JetWave
    To turn them on or off simply press MASSAGE button while NOT SEATED. All the older that 2020 models won't have the Glow-night light option.
  • Does the bidet seat need a hot water connection?
    No. There is a water heater that heats the water supplied by the same water supply of your toilet tank, so there is no plumbing required. Necessary fittings will be provided. Please refer to our specification manual:
  • Does a bidet seat need electricity?
    Yes, you will need to plug the bidet seat directly into a nearby grounded electrical outlet. The bidet toilet seat is compatible with any standard 120V outlet. Power for the Eko Jet Wave JWB-3600 is rated at 866W total.
  • How long is the cord?
    The cord is approximately 3'6" long, which comes to about 119 cm.
  • Do I need to do any Plumbing work?
    No. In most cases, you don't need to do any plumbing work, except connect a few hoses. All the necessary accessories will be provided.
  • How does the warranty work?
    At Eko Technologies, we offer the highest quality bidet seats that will last for years to come. That's why all our products are backed by an outstanding warranty package. All our bidet seats have been rigorously tested for durability and reliability. In the unlikely event that you have a problem with your bidet toilet seat, your first step is to contact us and we’ll troubleshoot the problem with you. If the problem can be fixed by sending you a spare part, like a new hose for example, we will do so. Alternatively, if we determine your remote control is not working properly, we’ll ship you a new remote. If the problem seems to be something mechanical inside your bidet seat, we’ll ask you to ship your bidet back to us. You will be responsible for one-way shipping fees, and once repaired, we will pay for shipping back to you. In effect, we split the cost of shipping. We offer a 2 year limited warranty on all our Eko Jet Wave product lines. If the product breaks and it was installed and used properly we will repair it for free.
  • Most common installation mistakes
    1. Do not use plumbers thread sealing tape as it will damage the self-seal plastic connection and result in leakage 2. The T-connector must be attached to the tank and not to the valve. 3. Make sure you have the right size of toilet seat to fit correctly. For more info click here
  • Installation Video
    Simple installation of Eko JetWave JWB-3600 on a standard toilet. Step-by-step
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