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EKO SlimJet SJ-2100 is our new non-electric bidet.

It feautures Dual self-cleaning nozzles, slim design, simple and easy control. For added comfort and control we have included Premium pressure regulating T-Valve with easy to set lever knob.


  • SIMPLE AND THIN: Easy pressure control and thin design at 5.5 mm EKO SlimJet is the most thought after bidet attachment from the PREMIUM bidet brand – EKO JETWAVE
  • DUAL NOZZLE: clean water spraying bidet attachement with TWO separate self-cleaning retractable nozzles for different wash modes.
  • BIDET and JET MODES: Universal Bidet spray wash mode and specially designed JET mode with water stream espesially designed for constipation relief.
  • ADDED PRESSURE CONTROL: Premium T-Valve with regulator is included with every EKO SlimJet for smooth and easy pressure adjustment
  • EASY TO INSTALL: No professional plumbing needed for installation.

Eko SlimJet SJ-2100

C$59.99 Regular Price
C$48.88Sale Price
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